GSAContract Number: 47QSHA23D0005
Expires: 11/30/27

Services & Capabilities


A process that combines two or more components into a composite piece.

  • Heat laminating
  • Heat welding
  • Water based glue applications
  • Hot melt adhesive applications
  • PSA application

Computer Numerically Controllers (CNC) Technology

An automated cutting process that uses CAD/CAM programs that are interpreted by CNC machines for production.

  • CNC horizontal and vertical 2D contour cutting
  • CNC router cutting
  • CNC hot wire cutting
  • CNC slitting/splitting
  • Large format digital pattern scanning directly to CAD

Contour Cutting

The production of a custom foam piece from a block of foam that uses a special saw and a pattern.

  • Horizontal 2D contour cutting
  • Vertical 2D contour cutting
  • Vertical, horizontal and angular saw cutting
  • Heated rule contour shaping
  • Manual 2D and 3D abrasive wire contour cutting


The fabrication of foam into an 'egg crate' design which can vary from waves to sharp points.

  • Convoluting

Deformation / Compression Cutting

The process of changing the shape or size of foam through the use of compressive applied force or heat.

  • 3D Compression cutting

Die Cutting

The process of 'stamping out' foam pieces, like a cookie cutter, to produce uniform pieces for large production runs.

  • High-pressure hydraulic die cutting
  • High-pressure mechanical, high-speed die cutting

Hot Melt Adhesive

The process of applying a thermoplastic adhesive, usually with a glue gun, spray gun or roller that has a continuous heating element, for the purpose of boding surfaces together.

  • Hot melt wide roller coating
  • Hot melt adhesive spraying

Hot Wire Cutting

The use of a high-temperature wire to cut intricate designs or parts from foam.

  • Hot wire cutting
  • Mechanical large format hot wire cutting


The process of bonding layers of foam or foam and other materials together.

  • Heat laminating
  • Heat welding
  • Water based glue applications
  • Hot melt adhesive applications
  • PSA application

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Application

The application of an adhesive which forms a bond when pressure is applied allowing a layer of foam to adhere to another layer of foam or material.

  • PSA application


Slitting is the process of cutting a rectangular foam block into sheets of foam. Peeling is the process of cutting a cylinder of foam into thin sheets.

  • Heavy duty horizontal splitting
  • CNC Sheeter/Slitter

Water Jet Cutting

The process of using a high velocity & high pressure stream of water to cut materials.

  • Water Jet Cutting System used for the 6 lb. PE